Intermission - Interm├Ęde - Zwischenakt

We're taking the time.


Hi y’all. These are strange times we live in.


When Covid-19 happened, we were in the excitement of unveiling new bodies of work. Announcing two shows. Priorities have shifted. We’ve decided to take a step back and hold our horses for a bit. We’re taking the time.


Don’t worry about us, we have self-isolated in the studio. Come what may: new ideas, new dreams, old and new feelings as they are. We’ve elected this time a time for introspection.


If there are things you want to share, drop us a line at Studio Araso right here, right now. We will read you. If you would like to hear from us, just say so and we’ll be in touch.


Take care. Be safe. Sending you love.



Updated April 29th, 2020